A Prayer for the Week

A Prayer for the Week:

Father, thank You for giving me a New day. I’m grateful to open my eyes, knowing that You are my Father! 

Father, help me to sort through confusing emotions. Give me Your peace to help me navigate my way. When I feel confused, help me to remember that it is not from You and therefore, it is not Your perfect will for me. 

Father, help me to maintain clear thought, free of shame, guilt, ridicule and sin. Remind me of Your commandments and give me the power to obey You so that I am never outside of Your will – 

I receive that power and declare that I will obey Your Word.

I declare that I am free of debilitating thoughts… I receive Your freedom… I receive only healthy, productive thoughts in my heart! Father, thank You for hearing my prayer. Please guide me in all of my movements this week, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.