A Prayer for the Week

A Prayer for the Week:
Father, in Jesus’ Name, I pray for the right heart to always seek You first!
Help me to do what is right in Your sight and to trust Your plan for reward and blessing.
As I plan my way, I pray that You always step in; and order my steps so that Your plans for me become my plans for me.
You are my Creator… I trust You… I vow to always acknowledge You in everything that I do and to wait on Your direction.
Father, align my will with Your will. Give my heart Your desires.
Thank You for the continual reward on my life as I diligently seek You above everyone and everything in my life.
I pray that others who are seeking direction, find YOU and know You to be a Good Father.
Let Your rewards on my life provide evidence, to those seeking, that You are real, Your Word is true and You are no respecter of persons. Thank You for being found by all who will seek You, in Jesus’ name. Amen!